1st February 2018

Wholesale products


Choose the real potato for your products! Instead of flakes we offer high quality cooked potatoes the whole year round. If you don’t want to bother with finding the right raw potato, peeling, and cooking yourself, let us help You! We can adjust our product for your need with the right cooking (soft or al dente or rustic) A-B, B-C types of golden yellow potatoes.


BAKERY PRODUCTSFor potato breads and many other products that consist potato mash. We usually offer B-C type soft cooked potatoes. It can be 1×1 or 2×2 cm dices from mealy potatoes, in order to reach the best product for you.
Packaging: 5 kg / pack




PASTA PRODUCTIn order the reach the right consistency, it is important to use well cooked potatoes with the right amount of starch. Our product helps you to reach high production yield with reasonable cost and maximum quality. Our partners use our potatoes to produce wide range of products like:
-potato dumplings,
-potato scones, etc.
Packaging: 5 kg / pack


POTATO SALADSFor salads we use rather A-B type of potatoes. Nicely peeled, al dente cooked from firm cooking golden yellow potatoes. We offer 1×1 cm dices and slices for the popular of the potato salad industry.
Packaging: 5 kg / pack



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